Saturday, March 31 our Annual Gala was held at Lake Receptions. It wasn't just any Gala it was to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and the turn out was amazing!

Almost 500 people gathered together to celebrate our accomplishments in the community for the past 10 years. Check out our Gallery of photos!

We wanted to share the stories of some of the heroes we meet out there in our community as we take Resource Advocate calls for Lake Cares.

Today we're thinking of a woman we met on the phone several weeks ago who is supporting her disabled husband and 7-year-old son on a minimum wage job. Even with the help of SNAP (food subsidies) and low-income housing, we were amazed by her ability to manage her life on such a small amount of disposable income. She walks to work because it is not possible for them to support a car.

On Giving Tuesday on November, 27th, 2018, Facebook is partnering with PayPal, to match a total of up to $7 million in donations made on Facebook to eligible US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofits. And Lake Cares is eligible!

So with over 2100 active Facebook friends, we figure if even a small portion will share the $10 Challenge with their friends, and coupled with the possible Facebook/PayPal Match, it would truly meet the description of "It Takes a Community".

Lake Cares Gives Holiday Meals to 600 families

For the 9th year, Lake Cares Food Pantry will have 250 extra happy clients at Thanksgiving and Christmas time! This is all part of the "Holiday Food on the Table Campaign". This special distribution of holiday food begins with more than 600 names placed in a food basket and Lake Cares staff draws out 250 names for a full Thanksgiving dinner on November 20th, and another 250 names are drawn for the December 21st Christmas dinner.

These drawings provide everything needed for a family of four to enjoy a holiday meal. “In addition to all the fixings for the holiday dinner we provide, families also a $15 gift card for their meat of choice,“

Providing nourishing meals for our less fortunate neighbors has always been the primary focus of Lake Cares Food Pantry. That will never change. However, we realize that for many of the families and seniors we help each week, the needs of our clients reach far beyond nutrition.

In Lake County, approximately 43,000 residents live at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty level. That’s $24,300 a year for a family of 4. These families live paycheck to paycheck. An unexpected illness, an accident, new tires, brakes for the car, or children needing school supplies. All these added expenses and more will throw a family into a financial crisis. A crisis that may eventually lead to homelessness.

Lake Cares - main office in Mount Dora

Tis the season……of rain! And there certainly has been a lot of it. Our building was built in the late 20’s and it is a good solid structure but every now and then it needs a little TLC.

Lately, we have had to do some roof repair, replace an air conditioner and have some French drains installed to help with a flooding issue. But we are very blessed to have this building that was donated to us by Mr. Jim Croson and also the support of the community to be able to make the necessary repairs.