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Providing nourishing meals for our less fortunate neighbors has always been the primary focus of Lake Cares Food Pantry. That will never change. However, we realize that for many of the families and seniors we help each week, the needs of our clients reach far beyond nutrition.

In Lake County, approximately 43,000 residents live at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty level. That’s $24,300 a year for a family of 4. These families live paycheck to paycheck. An unexpected illness, an accident, new tires, brakes for the car, or children needing school supplies. All these added expenses and more will throw a family into a financial crisis. A crisis that may eventually lead to homelessness.

It’s for that reason that Lake Cares has introduced a program designed to help our families in crisis. Volunteers Jennifer Ball and Violet Irminger have recently stepped into the role of Lake Cares Resource Advocates.

Although funds aren’t available through Lake Cares to help these families in crisis, Jennifer and Vi have found several government and faith-based organizations throughout Lake County that have funds available to assist families in poverty. Those funds are limited, but with guidance from our advocates, many of our clients are getting the help needed to avoid becoming just another homeless statistic.