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We wanted to share the stories of some of the heroes we meet out there in our community as we take Resource Advocate calls for Lake Cares.

Today we're thinking of a woman we met on the phone several weeks ago who is supporting her disabled husband and 7-year-old son on a minimum wage job. Even with the help of SNAP (food subsidies) and low-income housing, we were amazed by her ability to manage her life on such a small amount of disposable income. She walks to work because it is not possible for them to support a car.

She called us because her hours at work had been cut and she fell behind on her utility bill. Happily, we were able to help her avert a crisis for that month.

Talking to this strong, caring hero has changed our lives. We see the families we have created with our friends in a new way. And we're so grateful to have them on this journey with us. We're thankful to this lovely woman for helping us see this in our own lives, and are moved by her strength and creative problem-solving skills.