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Rich Critters feed the hippy bus pet food drive for Lake Cares Food Pantry Pets

Every year we give out hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to our clients. However, we can’t forget our clients who have pets. Several senior and low-income families also have pets, and many times they end up sharing their table food with their furry friends.

A few years ago, we saw such an enormous need for pet food, and we began accepting cat and dog food donations. When Marie and Randy Rich, of “Rich Critters” approached us about the Vittles for Critters event, we were ecstatic! They held their first “Feed the Hippy Bus Pet Food” event on March 10, at the Magical Meat Boutique in downtown Mount Dora. What a tremendous turnout with incredible success! They raised $400 in pet food and an additional $280 in cash for us to buy other supplies. They will have monthly events until December 8 where people can enjoy good olé classic rock entertainment, food, and friends at the Magical Meat Boutique (112 W. 3rd Avenue), as a bonus, if you feed the hippy bus, you’ll get a complimentary 10oz beer! Future dates are June 9, July 14, August 11, September 8, October 13, November 10 & December 8. If you are unable to attend these fun hometown events for our four legged friends, feel free to call Diana at Hobscot Pet Supplies (352-735-6400), she’ll take payment for whatever donation you want to spend and provide a nice variety of supplies!