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Lake Cares Food Pantry is again blessed to have the continued support of Main Street Leasing, the United Way and the community for the Summer Feeding Program for Children. This much needed 9-week program tackles hunger insecurities during the weeks when school is not in session.

Last year, more than 1600 children were able to have 3 each of breakfast, lunch, fruit, snacks and drinks all summer long. This year we are preparing to serve 2500 children during the summer. Parents will pick the food up at Lake Cares Food Pantry. 

Lake County has 17 schools that are “Tier 1” schools. These schools have 70% or more children receiving free or reduced lunches throughout the school year. In many cases, school hours are the only time the children get to eat. 

With the generosity of all supporters and the help of the volunteers, this program will be true to Lake Cares Food Pantry mission statement. “Feeding the Body, Educating the Mind, and Lifting the Spirit of All Individuals.”