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One of our clients by the name of Janet, who at 75 years old received custody of her 5 great grandchildren.

“My husband Larry and I went to from being alone to getting my great grandchildren because their parents died within days of each other,” Janet said.

“We were dealing with heartache, and how to feed and clothe all of them on our fixed income.”

Food was scarce for the family of seven. Each night the children would go to bed hungry and wake up hungry. They would go to school hungry. It was during a conversation with a neighbor that Janet found out about Lake Cares Food Pantry.

“I had no idea something like this existed, our prayers were answered,” said Janet.

Janet uses the words “peaceful and comfortable, compassionate and understanding” to describe our Lake Cares volunteers. 

“The first question they asked me was what help did I need,” she said. “And right from the start, my worry about food was eased. They gave us such good healthy food. That night and since, my kids eat good food and have a snack of peanut butter and crackers before bed. They go to bed with full tummies.”

Janet was kind enough to tell her complete story in a video so all of our donors could find out first hand what their donations mean to our clients. To watch her video click here