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Volunteers are needed all year long, consider becoming one.

Becky Carter knows one true fact. Volunteers are the backbone and strength of Lake Cares Food Pantry. “As Assistant Director of Lake Cares one of the pleasures of my job is gathering people from all walks of life wanting to volunteer and help those in need,” Becky said. “We have approximately 170+active volunteers and you couldn’t ask for a finer group of people. Like all organizations, we always need more volunteers because of vacations, appointments, and illness.”
Orientation is held once a month at Lake Cares. It gives potential volunteers an overall picture of what Lake Cares does and how it operates. Ages for volunteers range from 15 to those in their 80’s. 

“At this time we’re short- handed on Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon,” Becky said. “Although the shifts last a couple of hours everyone says the time just flies by.”  For those interested in helping from home, a person can assist by putting together double plastic bags used for outgoing food for the clients. 

Applications are available by clicking here or for any additional questions call Becky at 352-383-0100.