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School Children in Need: The Backpack Program is a partnership between Triangle Elementary School, St. Philip Lutheran Church and Lake Cares. Nutritious, easy to prepare food is packaged and sent home each weekend. More than 60 students receive these packs. This program closes the gap of hunger that weekends bring to many children. Over 87% of the children at the school qualify for free or reduced cost breakfast and lunch during the school week!!

Foster Care Help: Forward Paths Foundation is a volunteer organization providing housing assistance and skill building for young adults aging out of foster care at 18 years old. Many can and do become homeless if not for this group.

This organization helps create a path of independence. Twice a month Lake Cares Food Pantry distributes easy to cook food to the Leesburg office. Right now 20-30 young adults are the recipients. This food alleviates one of the many worries the youth have during this trying time in their lives.

Opening our 4th mobile site: In October, Lake Cares opened the doors to a new distribution site at the Community Center in Paisley. Over 90 families will be given food on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Anita Wilson, a Paisley resident will oversee the operation. The Lake County Board of Commissioners granted the use of the facility to help those in need.