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Lake Cares Food Pantry main office in Mount Dora

Tis the season……of rain! And there certainly has been a lot of it. Our building was built in the late 20’s and it is a good solid structure but every now and then it needs a little TLC.

Lately, we have had to do some roof repair, replace an air conditioner and have some French drains installed to help with a flooding issue. But we are very blessed to have this building that was donated to us by Mr. Jim Croson and also the support of the community to be able to make the necessary repairs.

There are many in Lake County that face the same issues. Appliances fail, roofs leak and nature wreaks havoc on an already fragile structure. They live in mobile homes, aging houses that need repair or rental units with no landlord support and they don’t have the money to fix their problem.

Fortunately, they can come to Lake Cares to receive food assistance which might free up some finances to pay for a repair. Thanks to you, the caring donor, who makes this all possible by helping those in need in our community.

"Our American tradition of neighbor helping neighbor has always been one of our greatest strengths and most noble traditions." Ronald Reagan