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Diane Grande’s experience with Lake Cares Food Pantry is hands-on as an advocate and contributor.

“The food pantry is so important to the families, seniors and the disabled clients it serves,” she says.  “I can’t imagine what it is like to not have enough food to put on the table.  It is incomprehensible to me.  Maybe we can’t feed the world, but we can surely help those in need in our own community.”

Donna Brown has a passionate commitment to service, a keen artistic sensibility, and a clear understanding of sustainable community growth. So, it was no surprise that the Lake Cares Diamond Endowment project fit her to a T.

“I needed absolutely no encouragement to join the Lake Cares Diamond Endowment Program,” says Donna, president and co-owner of Main Street Leasing in Mount Dora.

“On the contrary, I was hoping to be asked to be a part of it. When the concept was presented to me, I felt it was brilliant. Simply the most innovative fundraising idea I had ever heard.”

Everything award-winning Realtor Robin Skaggs does is focused through an optimistic lens. It’s something she learned in her youth and has guided her to where she is today.

“From an early age as a Brownie and Girl Scout I always participated in volunteering projects, says Robin, one of 12 women participating in the Diamond Endowment project for Lake Cares Food Pantry. “Service is in my DNA.”

Living an impactful life is in lockstep with the mission of Lake Cares Food Pantry.

Bunny Waddell is as energized as the proverbial pink creature who touts batteries in commercials. She has just finished her month of wearing the “Bella Diamante” diamond necklace, a beautiful piece appraised at $21,500. Bunny is one of 12 women participating in the Diamond Endowment project, raising funds and awareness for Lake Cares Food Pantry.

At a gathering at O’Keefe’s restaurant in Tavares she is sharing her story with others in the group before passing the necklace forward to the next participant. “I didn’t anticipate the feelings I would have for the necklace,” says Bunny. “Giving it up is difficult but thinking about all the good it is doing makes it much easier.”

Mary Stanley is no stranger to the spotlight. From showcasing fashion to reflecting active lifestyles, she has been in front of the camera for four decades projecting images that inspired others.

But recently the Miami, Fla, native took on a unique campaign that didn’t involve the camera, the latest trends in fashion or a brand. In May, Stanley donned the “Bella Diamante” diamond necklace, a beautiful work of art appraised at $21,500. She is one of 12 women participating in the Diamond Endowment project for Lake Cares Food Pantry.

“It’s hard to put this experience into words,” says Stanley, who has called Mount Dora home for eight years. “As the second woman to wear the necklace that is raising awareness and funds for Lake Cares, there was a bit of social media buzz already in place.”

Leslie Campione 1st women of Diamond Endowment

Service to others is a constant thread in Leslie Campione’s life. From a young age, she understood the need to lift others. As a young adult she pursued a law degree and as an attorney, she has helped countless clients navigate their way through problems and guide them to meaningful solutions. As a Lake County Commissioner, her lens widened to include a very diverse economic area.

“I can't remember a time when I didn't believe in the importance of service to others,” says Campione, one of 12 women participating in the Diamond Endowment project for Lake Cares Food Pantry. “But I don't think I'm very different from most people in our community.

Diamonds for Lake County in Need

Diamonds are Forever, but Diamonds are expensive!
That reality led 13 California women to go in together on a $37,000 necklace and take monthly turns possessing it. The 2008 bestseller, The Necklace: Thirteen Women and The Experiment That Transformed Their Lives, chronicles how their uber jewelry-sharing journey changed their lives.

Lake Cares Food Pantry hopes to change the lives of its ever-expanding roster of clients by borrowing a page from The Necklace with the raffle of a unique, custom necklace to raise money for expanding its cramped Mount Dora headquarters.