by Roxanne Brown, Lake & Sumter Style

Needy get filled, volunteer couple in Mount Dora get fulfilled.

For 18 years since retiring to Florida from North Dakota, Cal and Shirley Rolfson are pretty much living the dream. 

They enjoy a decent lifestyle in Mount Dora, they are healthy, have a multitude of friends, a beautiful family, and are active in the community – especially Cal, who retired after 40 years of practicing law to become a longtime city councilman and vice mayor.

The Rolfsons have accomplished a lot, but they’ll tell you one of the things at the top of their list is volunteering at the Lake Cares Food Pantry – something they’ve enjoyed doing every Wednesday morning religiously for the past 10 years.

Cal says Shirley is responsible for getting them through the doors after answering a call for volunteers Lake Cares advertised in a local newspaper.

“So, rather than sit around at home and do gardening and things like that, Shirley said, ‘Let’s go down there and check it out,’” recalls Cal.

Moved by Lake Cares’ mission and purpose, they applied, and after volunteering that very first Wednesday, they were hooked.

“I look forward for Wednesday to come; that’s kind of my highlight. Just to come here every week and serve others, it’s such a good feeling,” Shirley says. 

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