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Meet Mary Stanley, Mount Dora resident and professional model, she was the second woman to wear "Bella Diamante", the 3.51 total carat weight diamond necklace, appraised at $21,500 in the most exciting and unique fundraising effort by Lake Cares Food Pantry.

Mary is one of 12 women who are part of "The Diamond Endowment", and in April of 2019, you (or someone you know) could be the 13th women to wear it and keep it, when it is raffled off at our 10th Anniversary Gala. Watch our video to hear Mary's experience about wearing Bella. To learn more about Mary's journey, visit our Blog for a little more in-depth story here

Meet Leslie, she is the first of the twelve women to wear "Bella Diamante" as part of our year-long fund-raising efforts in "The Diamond Endowment". We are following each woman as they wear Bella, and will have a short video to highlight their experience and an article written on our blog which will go into a little more depth, read Leslie's Story now. 

We can't wait to share the experiences of all of the twelve Lake County women who will wear the necklace with you. Remember,  this stunning 3.51 total carat weight necklace, appraised at $21,500, will be raffled off at our 2019 Gala event celebrating our 10th year Anniversary.

This is the place to start to learn why we choose The Diamond Endowment as a fundraiser for Lake Cares Food Pantry; how we are going to share the experiences of 12 Lake County women who will wear the necklace for just one month; and when this stunning 3.51 total carat weight necklace, appraised at $21,500, will be raffled off at our 2019 Gala event celebrating our 10th year Anniversary.

A special thank you to our Lake Cares Food Pantry donors. Without your support, we would not be able to do the things we do in our community and help the people who are in need. Lake Cares Food Pantry is solely dependent on, and greatly appreciate the financial support of the Lake County community. If you have ever wondered what we do with the donations we get, here is a short video to explain! Thank You!!


Lake Cares Food Pantry served 365,000 pounds of food to 29,219 individuals in 2016. Janet, one of our clients tells her story and how Lake Cares has impacted her life! Serving Janet and all the others, is largely due to the generous donations we receive from those who care in our community. Thank you!


January 25, 2017

This is part 3 in our "Volunteering 101" Series, to introduce the important roles that volunteers play at Lake Cares Food Pantry in Lake County, Florida. We'd like you to "Meet Jessica." No matter what your past experience is, or the types of skills you have developed over your lifetime, Lake Cares Food Pantry has the perfect volunteer assignment for you. Please WATCH Jessica's video and share if you think someone you know would like to learn more about Lake Cares. 


January 17, 2017

Our volunteers do so many things around the pantry and there is no better way to find out exactly what they do, than to hear it from them. We'd like you to Meet Art, one of our long time volunteers. LISTEN to his story and then think of how you might be able to share some of your talents and your time with us by volunteering at the pantry!


January 3, 2017 

Our volunteers provide one of the most important roles we have at Lake Cares Food Pantry! We depend on volunteers for just about every step in our process, from welcoming our clients on distribution days to keeping the food items stocked in the pantry, to helping at our events. But what exactly does a volunteer do? How much time do they actually spend? Why should you become a volunteer? Get the answers to these questions and more with this short video from Assistant Director, Becky Carter, as she starts your journey in "Volunteering 101". Moving forward in the "Volunteering 101" series, you will get to meet acutal volunteers who give their time to make Lake Cares Food Pantry, all that we can be!   

November 12, 2016

It was national "Scouting For Food" week and Lake Cares Food Pantry in Mount Dora, FL had a visit from the three scouting programs from St. Patrick Catholic Church. The Cubs, Boy Scouts and Venturing spent their Saturday morning picking up food from the area, holding a Community Food Drive. We could not have been more surprised and grateful for their efforts. If you are interested in holding your own Food Drive for Lake Cares Food Pantry, please give us a call at 352-383-0100